Big Shrimp Media Brings Proven Media Services to Small Businesses in New Orleans, Northshore and Baton Rouge

NEW ORLEANS — Big Shrimp Media, a newly-established media service provider, is bringing comprehensive press release, videography, photography, podcast development, and top-tier website development services to small businesses in New Orleans, the Northshore and Baton Rouge areas. With a deep understanding of the local market, the company aims to help local businesses enhance their online presence and reach a larger audience.

Big Shrimp Media is co-founded by Tonya LaFleur and others in the media industry with print, TV, and web career histories. LaFleur is a senior communications leader with a broad experience spanning over two decades in television, radio, digital media, and public relations. Known for her master storytelling, LaFleur has a knack for breaking down complicated information for varying audiences, making her a strategic asset for small businesses looking to effectively communicate their brand story. LaFleur’s recent roles include serving as a VP of IT Communications at EMA Partners Seattle and as a broadcast writing coach for a major media company.

“This is about bringing top-level media services to small businesses who may not have had access to them before,” LaFleur said. “We understand the local culture, the local flavor, and we’re excited to use that understanding to help our clients shine.”

Big Shrimp Media’s primary offering, professional website development, is designed to give small businesses a competitive edge in the digital world. The company also offers a suite of services, including press release creation, professional videography and photography, and podcast development, to ensure their clients can tell their story in the most engaging and effective ways possible.

“We’re here to help businesses navigate the digital landscape with ease and confidence,” said LaFleur. “With our combined experience and local understanding, we’re perfectly positioned to help south Louisiana businesses thrive in the online world.”

The company’s services are now available to businesses in the Northshore, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge areas.

About Big Shrimp Media:

Big Shrimp Media is a media service provider based in New Orleans, specializing in professional website development, press release creation, videography, photography, and podcast development. Co-founded by Tonya LaFleur, the company aims to bring top-tier media services to small businesses in New Orleans, the Northshore and Baton Rouge areas.

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